Benefits for Property Tax Payers

The property taxes from Walden Solar Maine III would be enough to cover all of Lovell’s road maintenance. The $147,000 they will pay in property taxes in year one will equal 13.3% of the 2021 municipal budget.


Minimal Impact on Lovell

No part of the project will be visible from Kezar Lake, Kezar Pond, Sabattus Mountain, Smarts Hill, Bryant Hill, Eastman Hill, and Hatch Hill. In fact, the project is shielded by existing topography and vegetation from more than 99% of the town. This includes all public, private, and municipal land and bodies of water.

Village Green in Lovell Maine.jpg

Protects What Makes Lovell Special

Preserves 80 acres of new conservation land near the Greater Lovell Land Trust’s Lower Bay Reserve. The solar farm will generate virtually no noise.

Image by Ricardo Gomez Angel

Local Economic Development

Construction of the solar farm will create 200 good paying jobs. Walden Renewables will also invest $1.6 million in job training for Maine workers.

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